If I could show you how to build a complete passive income business in just 14 days would you be interested?

Do you dream of setting your own hours and working from anywhere in the world? It could be from an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, in bed in your pajamas, or at the park while your kids enjoy the playground or while out to lunch with your BFF.

Do you long to walk away from your boring and life-sucking day job and, instead, choose when you work, where you work and how much you work?

Do you dream of being able to earn a good income without having to continually swap time for money?

If so, this is the course for you!

If I could show you how to get your passive income stream up and running and bringing in money in just a few days would you be interested?

My clients have been surprised at just how quickly they can begin earning passive income – Most of them have made their first sale on DAY ONE!

The Passive Income Generator is the ultimate passive income training programme and has been specifically designed to get your passive income stream up and running in just 14 days even if you’ve no idea where to start or what to sell.

This online course can be taken in your own time and at your own pace but includes EVERYTHING you need to know to start earning passive income from your own, or other people’s products as quickly as possible – in just 14 days if you stick to the schedule.

The course consists of 14 modules (one per day) and includes daily video tutorials, guides and workbooks to help you implement the daily tasks as quickly and easily as possible as well as bonus and supplemental videos to give even more value.

This course has been built on the feedback from over 2,000 small business owners who have completed our extremely successful Social Media Challenge and Mastermind programmes and you can see some of their testimonials and comments below.

By honing in on the techniques from the challenge and Mastermind programmes we have created an 8-step programme which guarantees a solid online marketing strategy which will see you generating new leads and selling your products or services online within 14 days.

This course is for those who want to see results as quickly as possible and those who are not put off by front loaded work schemes

The price is just £995 or you can spread the cost over 4 months at just £250/month. Paying in full allows you to book one 2 hour one-to-one session with me once you’ve completed the course to go through what you’ve done and make sure everything is set up correctly and working properly so that you can relax and enjoy your new passive income.

To get started today please click the button below to enroll.

Testimonial from Matthew Bowdler showing 21 days straight sales
Testimonial from Carol Lacy showing marketing results
Testimonial from Heather Bird showing she has clients booked
Testimonial from Lisa Billingham showing she has 2 enquiries
Testimonial from Glenda Shawley showing she has a trending post and a new client
Testimonial from Ali Wesson showing she has made sales in under 5 days
Testimonial from Cristina Stan to show how helpful my course was for her
Testimonial from Shara Neale saying the course has been life-changing
Testimonial from Bridget Bardot to show that she has made 101 sales